Literally 15 years ago, the village "Pioneer" was considered abandoned and its fate was awaited by the neighboring villages "Almaly", "Kulbash", "Urnyak", of which only graveyards remained.  If it weren’t Safiullin Vazikh Lotfullovich, his son Ayrat and his brothers Niyaz and Ramil Safiullin, who for several years have been successfully engaged in the revival of the small homeland of their ancestors - a village with a real Soviet name.

 It is located in the Arsk region behind the village of "New Kirlay", five kilometers along a country road.  At one time there was a club, a shop, and an elementary school.  And in the local economy they kept a large number of sheep, bred chickens.  But in the 70s of the last century, she fell into the category of unpromising.  Since then, the village began to slowly perish, and the difficult 90s knocked down the Pioneer completely, to such an extent that at the end of the past century only one person lived here permanently

“You know, it was so painful to see the homeland village dies on our watch ,” says Ayrat Safiullin. - Abandoned houses, someone already takes them for firewood, there is no electricity, but around nettles, weeds and wormwood are rampaging with might and main.  My mother and father are both from here, and only the fondest and most pleasant memories are connected with Pioneer.  I spent all my school holidays here.


Village revival

First, the Safiullins jointly built a new one on the spot of the old paternal hut of Ayrat Vazikhovich. Just exactly the same as before.  The beginning of a big deal has begun. It was 2003 on the calendar. Soon, as part of the republican program for the gasification of settlements, gas was delivered to the village. The power supply was restored, centralized water supply appeared.  The dying corner of rural life began to come to life gradually


KFH Safiullin

A village without livestock is an orphan.  So Safiullin brothers  created peasant farm in the village in 2004. At first, they tried to keep geese and rabbits on the farm, and brought several sheep from the neighbors Baltasinsky district. However, the living creatures in Pioneer for some reason did not take root.

Ayrat Safiullin was not confused, and soon he brought one family of Romanov’s sheep with 6 small lambs from the agricultural fair in Moscow. Although at this moment horses and Hereford cattle were also registered in the farm premises of the peasant farm, the main choice was still made in favor of artiodactyl mammals, which are distinguished by their rough coat (fur coat) and high productivity.


LLC PH Pioneer

In order to find out all the secrets of industrial breeding of Romanov sheep, novice farmers have established cooperation with gene pool farms in the Yaroslavl and Ivanovo regions.  And in 2005, 18 Romanov sheep were imported from Rodka SEC in the Uglich District of the Yaroslavl Region.  Then LLC PH Pioneer LLC was formed, the head of which was Ayrat Safiullin himself


Increase the number

«Pioneer» taking a course to increase the number of Romanov sheep, took into account that the influence of the new environment can affect the variability of animal productivity. Therefore, at the initial stage of breeding, they made the main bet on the adaptation of livestock to new conditions. After that, the gradually began to increase the multiplicity of uterus, the safety of young animals.  By the way, in this case the electronic selection program “ROMSEL”, acquired and installed in 2009, turned out to be.


One of the best farms in Russia

Getting a large number of offspring allowed the Pioneer breeding farm to create a large flock for several years of existence.  Today, more than one thousand sheep of the Romanov breed are kept here. At the same time, working within the framework of the production (breeding) program of the republic, the enterprise annually implements several hundreds of pedigree rodents and rams. All of them have their tribal and veterinary certificates.

I must say that there is no end to buyers: now the line is scheduled for two years in advance, and applications for local sheep come from different regions of Russia and not only.  It is not surprising.  Indeed, “Pioneer” is currently part of the Russian Sheep Breeders Association and is the only breeding farm in Tatarstan engaged in breeding Romanov sheep.  There are no similar agricultural enterprises in the neighboring Samara, Ulyanovsk, Kirov regions, Udmurtia, Mari El and several other regions.

But at first no one believed the farmers from Pioneer. Everyone insisted that they would simply burn out in sheep breeding.  Even the head of the Arsky district, Almas Nazirov, doubted the future of the economy, although he fully supported the project to revive the village .

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