«Pioneer» - a breeding farm in Tatarstan

The main activities of the Pioneer breeding farm are breeding and marketing Romanov sheep, as well as Aberdeen Angus cattle. We provide the Russian market with upscale purebred breeding animals.

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Overview of our farm

Breeding and supply of animals

Animals bred by our farm are distinguished by the purity of the breed. When working on livestock breeding, we pay attention to such unique properties as polyesterity, fecundity, early maturity and resistance to diseases. All our products are certified,  a pedigree certificate is issued for each animal

«Aberdeen-Angus» Bulls and Cows

  • Age:
  • Weight:

The «Aberdeen-Angus»bull breed is characterized by early maturity, rapid weight gain and early entry into reproductive age. A distinctive feature of the breed is its excellent adaptation to unfavorable climatic conditions. Angus gives a delicious and flavorfulmarbled meat.

from 120000 руб.
  • Female «Aberdeen-Angus»
    от 140000 руб
  • Bull «Aberdeen-Angus»
    от 120000 руб

Rams and ewe lamb of Romanov breed

  • Age: от 6 до 12
  • Weight:

Romanovsheep is a universal breed created by decree of Peter I. This variety of sheep has received universal recognition for its many advantages. It is ideal for breeding in the Middle Strip and more northern regions. Sheep of the Romanovbreed are appreciated for high-quality wool and delicious tender mea

from 15000 руб.
  • Ram and ewe lamb Romanov breed
    от 35000 руб
  • Ewe lamb female Romanov breed (1 and 2 class)
    от 15000 руб
  • Ewe lamb female Romanov breed class "Elite"
    от 24000 руб
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About the farm

The Pioneer breeding farm is located in an ecologically clean place. The feed we use is grown on our own land. Experienced zoo technicians take care of the animals, and a certified veterinarian observes the state of health. The village of Pioneer, where our company is located, has a long history of livestock breeding, therefore, our breeding farm is considered one of the best in Russia.

Our farm is in the register of suppliers of the customs union.

Animal chipping and accounting in the Selex program.

The only pedigree reproducer in the Republic of Tatarstan for raising Romanov sheep and cattle Aberdeen Angus.
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Domestic sheep reproduction of Romanov breed

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